Nickolas Aleksandar Nikolic


who is this guy?

Nickolas Nikolic is a developer of mobile and web from Milwaukee, WI USA.

Also a graduate student at the time of this writing, he runs a 3.75 GPA.

A very nice guy, he has earned over 30 awards for customer relations and has been part of over 60 open source projects through the years

He is ravenously curious and deeply committed to the empowering effects of technology in the world.



This project is part of a series done for an anti-drug campaign. It is programmed in svg.

Site conception

This project is in php/mysql with use of the Amazon Product API.

It is a micro-service/UX fulcrum.


This project aids sales staff in inputting customers into a proprietary CRM.

Apple App Store

Android App Store


university of wisconsin-milwaukee (bfa 2004)

He attended uwm to finish his dual degree in the fine arts. Here, he was enthralled by the community. He learned most from his lessons here.

university of denver: graduate work (mas expected 2018)

Currently attending, Nick is focusing in mobile, web design, and development.


Open Source

I graduated from art school with a BFA in 2004. Around the time that I graduated I tripped across PHP and the open-source paradigm.

I was hooked. I was so enamored by the social utility of the open-source process that it made my head spin.

I wanted to contribute, so I created my first icon set for KDE in 2003. I got a job in support that offered free training in virtually any technology and took over 400 credit hours of training in technology ranging from programming languages, encryption, server technologies, and applications. I took the job mostly for this training benefit, alone.

Over the course of the last 10 years I have been involved in open-source software continually, and have been involved in more than 60 projects as of the time of this writing.


I am internationally published photojournalist/photographer specializing in Creative Commons media for niche publications such as,, DeliberateLife Magazine and hundreds of others. I have taken assignments through as a local photojournalist as well as through the Center for Media Change and American Public Media.


Nickolas Nikolic

6135 West Howard Ave

unit 8

nick [at] nick [dot] cool